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Flying Insects

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Vital Pest Solutions offers professional flying insect control throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex

The most common flying insect pests we treat are: Wasps, Hornets, Cluster Flies, General Flies, Feral bees.


Reduce the chance of you or your family being stung by wasps & hornets — Use professional wasp & hornet control.

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  • Provide a free survey -identify the location of the wasp or hornet nest
  • Decide on a treatment plan
  • Only start safe and effective treatment of wasps and hornet nests once a fee has been agreed

Vital Pest Solutions uses approved insecticide dust to treat nests, a single treatment is all that is required. If the nest is difficult to access a secondary treatment may be required.

Discounts on second and subsequent nests on the same site.

Optimal results and customer satisfaction guaranteed.


Cluster Flies can be a considerable problem in some properties in East Anglia during the Autumn & Winter periods.

Over wintering adults in loft voids can also enter other areas of the building and become a nuisance.

VITAL PEST SOLUTIONS will survey all loft voids to confirm the absence of bats before any treatment proceeds.

VITAL PEST SOLUTIONS offers both smoke and ULV treatments for loft voids.


Flies are a risk to human health as they spread diseases such as Salmonella & E.coli

Electronic Fly Killers are critical in helping to prevent flies in areas where food is available. Space sprays with a quick knockdown action are also effective in fly control.

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